Business in the Digital Age is Changing... FAST!

California will begin implementing its new Data Privacy Act in 2020 and Congress is looking at taking it national. The U.S. military and civilian agencies are racing to renew accreditation under new cyber frameworks.  And Europe already has its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Scroll down to learn the Three Perspectives in Cyber Security, and how they can prepare your business for the changing landscape.


You Deliver. Period.

Your customer pays for value, and you ensure your people have the tools they need to deliver.  You understand that cyber security matters, but it simply cannot get in the way of delivering value.

Click on “Learn More” below to map out how your business can capture the trade-offs needed to work securely AND productively.

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You Decide. And the best information is crucial to good decisions.

Cyber security risks are best avoided.  But your operations sometimes requires trade-offs; you control or mitigate some risks, and accept others.

Click on “Learn More” below to learn the basics of a cyber security plan which will provide you the critical information you need to make these decisions.

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You Work Miracles.

But you know deep in your heart that there are no such things… Just awesome tools.

Cyber security requires the right tools at the right time.  But no one has a blank check.  Click on “Learn More” below to see how your cyber toolset is driven by your security plan.  And as your company grows, your tools grow with it.

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91% of all breaches involve a deceptive email...

Secure you Small Business from Phishing by Signing Emails

Once a potential hacker convinces one of your employees they are a trusted coworker or partner, even the best security technology will be of little help. For this reason “digital certificates” are used by government and industry to confirm the identity of the sender of an email.

We are committed to bringing this technology to the small business community. In addition to “signing” emails, digital certificates can also take the place of usernames and passwords, and can be used to encrypt portable data storage such as thumb drives.

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They're Out There...
And They Will Steal Someone's Data...

Let's Make Sure It's Not Yours

Your two most valuable assets: Your data and your reputation.

Let us help you protect both with a cyber security plan which does not get in the way of winning business or meeting customer expectations.

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Risk Management Framework/eMASS Support for Your ATO

We support large Department of Defense customers develop and maintain their eMASS packages to ensure timely renewal of their Authorization to Operate (ATO).

We take a systematic approach to discover the organization’s Security Concept of Operations. We tailor the IEEE standard for a CONOPS to discover the data to be protected, the technology used to process the data, and the people on whom the organization depends.

This informs the system categorization and selection of controls. We are experts in NIST 800-53 and related guidelines and focus on “how we can” support operational success within DoD cybersecurity requirements.

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NQV Support for ATO Application/Renewal

From Family Court to Headline News Litigation...

... the Law is Struggling to Keep Up with the Digital World.

Let us help you provide your client the best possible representation when your case involves text messages, emails, network breaches, and intellectual property claims.

We can help with writing tightly scoped discovery demands, subpoenas, and interrogatories, and then bring cutting edge data analysis to discover the needle in the haystack that can make your case.

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We Expect a Lot from Each Other...

...and Always Look for an Opportunity to Help Someone Else Succeed

Our culture is simple… We expect a lot of each other.  But every day we come into work looking for an opportunity to help someone else succeed.

We do not do “corporate rah-rah.”  In fact, we don’t do “corporate” anything.  We simply identify with our customer. The only thing worth cheering is their success and satisfaction.

If you are looking for a high-performing team where your work stands for itself – apart from gender, race, or sexual orientation – consider joining us.