Enter your business name in the first field. In the long-form field, describe your business, but do not refer to your business by name. Your description will be used to prompt ChatGPT for initial anlysis, and we want to keep your business name separate from the ChatGPT prompts to preserve your Competitive Value Information.

When describing your business, start with your market (e.g., We are a health care provider…”). Include what you consider to be your niche or specialty (e.g., “…specializing in gastrointestinal conditions…”). Then speak to what products you offer in that niche. (e.g. “We sell specialized tests for GI diseases to doctors). If you have a range of products or services, deliberately describe the ones which sell best. Lastly, speak to how your customers interface with your business. (e.g., “We send our tests to patients directly, who then send the samples back to our lab via USPS. Patients and their doctors review results over our website.”)

To summarize: Market sector/vertical + niche(s) + products/services + delivery channels.

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