Litigation Support: Step-by-Step

  • Preparation: Write tightly defined subpoenas and interrogatories.
  • Analysis: Quickly find relevant evidence in discovery-produced data.
  • Writing: Present a compelling written interpretation of the facts.
  • Testimony: Hit the important highlights with competent, understandable testimony.
  • Technical Support: By ready with appropriate use of technology in the courtroom.
John Horst Curriculum Vitae

Watch as John provides expert commentary on cyber current events with San Diego's KUSI,

Expert Preparation

Asking the right questions and demanding information in the right format can mean the difference between narrow, relevant evidence and a mountain of paper. We will help you prepare your case with tightly defined subpoenas and interrogatories.

Expert Analysis

Discovery can produce prodigious volumes of data. We employ the latest, most sophisticated data analysis tools to dig through the haystack and find the needle that can make your case.

Expert Writing

A well-written expert witness report can play a crucial role in presenting a compelling case in the written record. And a strong case in the written record can be crucial in a case which goes to appeal.

Expert Testimony

We have real-world experience training users of all education levels in computer hardware and software – and can explain complex computer concepts to judges and juries alike in terms they can understand. Speaking clearly – slowly enough to be easily understood but not so slow as to be awkward – leaves an impression of competence. We get it. We are as strong on the stand as we are in writing.

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