The "One Thing" in Cyber Security:
Digitally Sign Emails and Expect Others to As Well

Badge Employees With a Smart Card

Equip Computers to Read Badge

Sign Emails & Encrypt Data

Succeed in Business with Confidence

Make the most of your employee badge/ID card. We can provide custom printing on smart card blanks on one or both sides, including employee photo.

Equip your employee’s computers to read their badge.  We can provide affordable card readers for both computers and mobile devices.

Identify each employee digitally with a certificate written to the chip on the badge.  In addition to signing and encrypting emails, certificates are available for network authentication and disc/file encryption.

Make signing emails a habit and you can interrupt the single most common path an attacker takes to steal your data.

Roughly 91% of data thefts start with an email sent to an employee.  These emails will usually impersonate someone the employee knows and trusts, and once they are convinced a trusted colleague is asking them to do something, even the most sophisticated networks are easily breached.

The “One Thing in Cyber” is actually very simple – a way to digitally sign emails so the recipient can be confident the sender is who they say they are…

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