Cyber Security Plan – Basics

  • Security Concept of Operations
  • System Security Plan
  • System Maintenance Plan

  • Contingency/Incident Response
  • Software Development Plan (for in-house development shops)

Plan Development: Step-by-Step

  • Discovery: Companies with audited processes (e.g. ISO, CMMI, etc. can leverage this investment.)
  • Planning: Grow cyber security capabilities along with the company’s organic growth.
  • Tooling: Establish baseline tools, then grow as needed along with the adoption of the plan’s fiscal year goals.

Successful execution of a System Maintenance Plan requires the right tools at the right time.

Tech guys and gals love tools… And they daydream of what it would be like if they had a blank check to get the very best. But they know they don’t have that blank check, so the challenge becomes choosing what tools to try and convince management to buy.

We help the technical professionals meet this challenge with a clear System Security Plan which programs the acquisition of a robust set of tools over time.

The System Maintenance Plan is supported by plans for contingencies like Disaster Recovery, and discovery and response to cyber incidents.

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